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A new project I have started is of newborns in water. As a Pisces, my sign is water. As a photographer, I love posing newborns in their most natural state. After watching this video, I realized that I could actually put newborns in the place they have been for the past 9 months; in water. My goal is to have 20 newborns photographed by June 2015 to be able to have a gallery downtown Salt Lake City. Please let me know if you want to be apart of this new project!


Please note that my assistant holds the newborns in the sink the entire time as I edit out her hands later.

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Luke and Levi

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My first time shooting a newborn on film, and I’m in love.

holga | portra 400

my sister, my muse

model: Kimberly Lewin



Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Kim

rolliecord | ilford xp2 super

model is Kimberly Lewin